Registered & Records Office

Registered & Record OfficeWhat is a Registered & Records Office?

BC companies have a Registered and Records Office Address (mailing and delivery) as part of their record at the Corporate Registry. These addresses are public information any change to them must be filed immediately with the Corporate Registry.

A company's registered office is the location where legal documents can be served. The delivery address must be for a location in BC that is accessible to the public between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on regular business days for the delivery of records.

The company must keep certain records there, such as

  • the incorporation certificate
  • memorandum and articles
  • lists of shareholders and directors
  • directors' and shareholders' resolutions

Companies commonly keep the registered and records offices at a lawyer's office. If a legal notice, such as a lawsuit, is sent there, the lawyer can try to locate the company's directors and respond to the action. Even if your lawyer cannot find anyone from the company, the lawyer can usually either contact the other side and request more time, or else file an initial response on behalf of the company.

Your lawyer's office is typically open during normal business hours, and can easily make the records available for public inspection. The lawyer will also know which documents may be viewed by the general public, which can be viewed by the shareholders, and which can be seen by the directors only, and restrict access to those records accordingly.

Why choose Open Door Law Corporation as your R&R office?   

  • We send notice to the addresses you provided to us as your contact information if the registered office is served with a court action. 

  • We date stamp all notices which are delivered to the registered office. 

  • We will deal with any member of the public who wishes to view or to take copies while checking that the records are not tampered with and that the person only sees the records that they are entitled to see. 

  • We prepare your corporation's year end resolutions.

  • We prepare and file your corporation's annual report which must be filed with the corporate registry.

What will it Cost?

Only $199.00 CAD per year plus costs and applicable taxes. (Costs for British Columbia are currently $44.98 for the annual report.) 


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