Representation Agreement

 What is a representation agreement?

Representation agreements are new in British Columbia and are made possible by the Representation Agreement Act, which came into effect on February 28, 2000.  A Representation Agreement covers personal care as well as health care. Personal care includes where you live, arranging support services and quality of life matters such as personal grooming, diet and exercise.  A Representation Agreement covers authority and wishes for many more situations than end-of-life. It covers situations such as arranging rehabilitation after a stroke or consent for surgery as a result of a traffic accident.  With a Representation Agreement, you can give your Representative (someone you choose and trust) the authority to have the final say on your wishes despite disagreement by others. A Representative can confirm that you have not changed your mind and can help ensure the circumstance at hand is the one you anticipated. These benefits will apply in ALL situations (not just emergencies).


Quick Facts

  • A Representation Agreement is a legal plan that says who you give authority to if you need assistance managing your affairs.
  • A Representation Agreement can cover financial and legal matters AND health and personal care matters.
  • A Representation Agreement ends when you die; then your Will takes over.

If you already have an existing living will, you can give it full legal effect and broader scope by making a Representation Agreement.

If you would like to have a representation agreement prepared and or any other estate planning documentation, you may complete our online questionnaire which will enable us to access the scope of work for the will or you may contact Open Door Law Corporation @ 604-689-3667 to book an appointment and to discuss your situation.  

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